#EU gulag 

EU 🇪🇺 is the nazi version of Soviet Union

Can't wait the day dr Fau will pull out of his rear the vaccine against climate change

Ricky Gervais draws backlash for jokes about transgender people in new Netflix special

Being trans doesn't mean you can't be ridiculed. No longer safe heavens for this folks. Everybody can be ridiculed cos that's how things works



We had our own Zelinski 'genius' that trashed our country under nazi ideology, and guess what, he was Ukrainian origin changed his name to Corneliu Zelea Codreanu


This wordle was stolen from the current Einstein, Erik Verlinde feed. Have no idea how this can be solved. But looks interesting


Wordle 202 4/6


#Open source gravity model 🤯 

source gravity model 🤯 . Back to Gravity hypothesis i've talked about. My theoretical model of gravity is linked with Entropy 🤯

(Entropy definition is a scientific concept as well as a measurable physical property that is most commonly associated with a state of disorder, randomness, or uncertainty)

This gravity model would be defined by two main characteristics:

1) Lower Entropy => Lower particles Uncertainty => Higher Gravity (hence objects near planets get 'attracted', in fact all particles within objects near a Planet defines their position QUICK (accelerated) corresponding to that Entropy level and in association to that let's call it 'Entropic System'

2) Higher Entropy => Increased particles Uncertainty => Low gravity (hence particles within solid objects are more stable relative to the object but unstable relative to the outside 'Entropic System' and defines their position SLOWER and SLOWER

This model would validate the idea currently debated that the visible concrete universe is very small compared to the whole less visible universe. And as a conclusion if it can be one is that the visible universe is the visual representation of the Universe Entropy itself

As an example: gravity can be described like a Cinema where people when all sits are empty finds their final seat harder (high entropy) while when is full will find their few empty seats faster (low entropy/high gravity). Also people are not attracted each other (like is erroneously assumed) but they are all going to the same place where the Cinema is. (the cinema figuratively in this case is the level of entropy) :chad2:
If we would wanna describe mathematically this gets complicated where high entropy could be described as a very long and hard to reproduce combination of numbers while low entropy could be described as 'bad password' like 123456 very easy to reproduce/guess and duplicate combination of number. This model would also imply the existence of some unknown type of particles and also impossible to find near our current entropic systems (planets/solar system/galaxy) 🤯
The dumbest (aka lowest) entropy would be inside a black hole while the highest entropy could be perhaps in the depths of the universe :gigachad1:

couple of interesting resources



.Prepare to buy some btc it fell bellow 28.5K. Still not the bottom though. 21k then 14.5K then bounce from there who knows where 🚀

Nice bot, updates btc price at 30 minutes

Second bot updates btc price every 5 min

Both have rss feeds available

Anyone that can create an rss feed from this link i'll consider it Houdini of Internet

Made a sudoku puzzle. First time when i solved one cos at first looked too complicated specially when you don't know the rules. It's pretty good for brain training. Once in a while i totally recommend for brain defrag maintenance. 😎

Conspiracy not for me, for you.. 

So many are considered conspiracist if question some vaxxines but you're not conspiracist if you come and say 'there's a bio terrorism threat incoming'. Can anyone explain me like i'm 95 what kind of a logic is this?


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