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you all keep talking.
i’m building a water wheel 💧🛞

I for one can't understand the tendency of troops to stay in one place. The more spread the better. Noob opinion army stuff not ma thing but just saying..

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it was just a phone call from mr Z to mr P about some more peace talks to be held in Turkey. It's a start..better than nothing

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There are rumors ru-ukr war is over, have to verify ☮️

The dude that told everybody jab up their butt holes with 5 boosters got a second 'mild case' of coof.

The guy can't make the difference between shit and shinola (pardon my french) is full of advice's for others to buy his snake oil soyence sauce.

Interesting DT doesn't have an Alpine Linux review 🤷‍♂️ ..maybe it's because is a non systemd distro?😆

Litecoin looks bullish on weekly, on monthly looks sideways. Would be nice a $70 target but more realistic is $65-68, now it's $56

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