Do you people know what the heck is this Hacker News Platform - ?

Seems like a Global Discussion Platform for all blog posts.

I announced before that I will be moving to a New Mastodon Account on this Instance. But I postponing the process. As I have a lot of works.

But I will do that when Time persists.

I'm Changing my Mastodon account. Still this Homeserver but I need a Different Username. That's why.

I will be making the shift this weekend using Account Migration Tool.

The New Username will be

But I am not sure if it moves the post too. Anyother way to do that ?

@splishockvirus Why not use instead of for this Instance ?

Celebrate with us: Offline mode (beta) has been released on the Tutanota desktop clients! Activate this feature & you can access your emails and contacts also when offline. 🥳🎉😀 Now we're working on adding offline mode to the apps as well. Stay tuned! 😎

Cyber Ninja. Found in Reddit. Seemed cool. Thought I would share this to some anime lovers.

I think that @Mastodon should show the Number of Comments/Replies for a Toot like Twitter to know if there is some activity.

People, I started using GPG on Windows. Do you know where can I use it apart from using it for Signing Commits, What can I use it for ?

@splitshockvirus Did you changed the server configs or somethings because the Limit for a Toot is about 5000 words.

Let's go somewhat Logical .

What are the Things that cannot be defined in ?

Be and on your own without looking for answers on . If you don't know, Just reply, IDK.

@StartpageSearch How information is handled securely when I use the Search Suggestions feature provided by my Browser ?

I am asking this for both Firefox and Chromium based Browsers.

People are you looking to use Privacy Focused Services by Default in your Browser.

Then Check out,

@Tutanota What are you Currently working ?

Any Big Major Update coming this May ?

I know this Mastodon Instance is full of Linux users. I am a Windows user though on Wiindows 11 Enterprise. Any Tips on Improving it ?

This is What made me to have a Goosebumps before watching the series again -

Marvel Fans, Do you all agree that 'What If' Series premiered last year was a Huge hit ?

I still get goosebumps when watching it again.

One of the best of the best.

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