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I finally started to work on my JavaScript-free personal website and it has been way more fun than if I had made it with react or any of that crap.

Managed to fix the icons in my dwm bar... Well, sort of.
Now most of them are right size but my volume icon is still small af.

The way I tried to solve is to have an unpatched font as my default, then set fonts I want to override the nerd fonts, and then add the nerd font in the last place. Maybe one of my other fonts is overriding the size of the nerd font?

@jarmer Thanks! It was not easy to get the theme to look as I wanted, it involved a lot of creating patches for dwm and dmenu, and some shell scripting as well. I am using the catppuccin color scheme, but I made a simple menu to change the theme of dwm, dmenu, alacritty and neovim without having to restart the window manager. The background is from the catppuccin github as well.

Ok I really need to start working on this assignment now
It probably won't take long but I've procrastinated enough (it's due tomorrow)

@iska I basically just integrated it into the volume control script I've been using since I switched to i3 when I was pretty new to linux, but the relevant part is here:

Made a decent looking volume indicator with dunst
I literally did not know until a few minutes ago that dunst even had support for progress bars

(I still have not set up my icon fonts correctly since I installed arch yesterday, that is why the icons are so small in my bar)

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@RyuKurisu @Linux_in_a_Bit typing 'peace' should play distrotube saying peace on loop

@techlore You could self-host searx (or searxng if you don't like the interface). It is a self-hostable metasearxh engine, and you can select which sources to show results from

@splitshockvirus I have been procrastinating on learning latex but I will finally have a reason, because I have to write a 4 page assignment that does not need to be submitted digitally.

@splitshockvirus I actually really like libreoffice. I don't have a use case other than printing text and making simple presentations, maybe it is terrible for doing other things. I think there is a way to get a ribbon ui like what ms office has, but I have not found the option yet

@Slips @ThatWouldBeTelling I don't usually pass 10gb, but now that I started self hosting services I might. The 90tb is not necessary, but it's the minimum for the plan I have.

@ThatWouldBeTelling @Slips But you have to understand that someone who buys subscriptions for $12 a month probably does not even understand the advantages of hosting stuff for yourself, let alone the install process

@ThatWouldBeTelling @Slips (At least in my experience) bandwidth does not cost that much. I am using RackForest as a vps provider for the sole reason that they have data centers in the city I live in. But with the second cheapest plan I get 90tb of bandwidth / month.

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