Hell thread summary.

1. An instance banned us for no reason so we should ban them too.
2. Some people are not tech literate enough to transfer their account from one instance to another.
3. Prostitutes.
4. Religion.
5. Prostitutes.
6. Women's qualities.

Let's rock starnix!

I have a question and I'll appreciate if knows the answer.

If I unlock the bootloader of my (samsung) android and keep it that way, can any attacker grab my phone, flash a custom ROM on it and access my data or install malware?

I think I'm safe because files are encrypted with my pin and when attackers shutdown the device for flashing the ROM, keys in memory will go away, but there's still the possibility for them to install a fake Samsung android OS and spy on the device right?

So here's what actually happened. I wanted to read a certain file in the /data directory but the file was root owned so I had to be root to read that. So I unlocked the bootloader but TWRP's custom recovery bootloader isn't supported my device and I could not figure out how to build a custom version. So I gave up reading that file but there's no way to lock the bootloader back.

Here are some picture of what happened yesterday in Sri Lanka.

Image 1 & 2: Protesters capturing presidential secretariat office.

Image 3: Protesters capturing president's house.

Image 4: Protesters swimming in the president's swimming pool.

Wtf that spamming thing spread like a virus. Some assholes tag like 200 people once and post a shitty video.

What's best?

Like wordle? Run command

ssh clidle.duckdns.org -p 3000

Thank me later.

Today I wanted to transfer a 20G file from my weak laptop to powerful desktop, but my flash drive is only 16G. Then I thought I could use python to run http server and get the file on desktop through the wifi network but it seems like that takes 2 to 3 hours.

So I thought about splitting the file into 10G pieces and transfer. Lucky for me, I use linux and found out that there's a command called `split` to help me. If I was on windows, I had to google and find a proprietary freeware to do that.

FYI, most applications with vulnerabilities related to setuid bit which let attackers elevate to root is due to running external commands using exec functions or system function in an unsafe manner.

If you want to make your GUI application a "frontend to terminal apps", do it carefully. There's no guarantee cp command in system path is the legitimate cp command and so on.

DT's last video contain false information. He tells GUI applications are just front end to terminal applications and all they do is running the terminal applications in the background, which is very very wrong.

People having somewhat programming knowledge know that's wrong, but DT addresses to new to linux users. Is it acceptable to provide misinformation to beginners?

It's true that system() from stdlib and exec family of commands let you call external programs, but I don't think file managers run cp to copy files, mv to move files etc. They might instead use some other library function. Some times, I've seen different applications call external commands as DT explained, but most of the times, that's inefficient and vulnerable.

Telling false information for "educational purpose" is not acceptable.

Okay, it's scarier. It recommended me a childhood friend of mine who I haven't talked to for the last 12 yrs. I can guarantee I had no any digital communication with her in my entire life. Don't know how it got data to recommend her in the first place.

That's a super advanced algorithm.

@aryak @safiuddinkhan @404zzz @0xd9a

Native language of you guys is not English. Don't you have any issues typing in your native language in terminal? If you had any issues, how did you fixed that.

For example, following text(int the image) I typed in vim is supposed to display as "ආයුබෝවන්" but terminal totally screwed up rendering that text. I think this problem is with Asian scripts like tamil, thelingu, sinhala etc.

I noticed something. Oh, character limit is now 5000!

Going to Starnix.

Hmm... Seems like we have a new mate, SOCK_PUPPET_CAT.

Oh, again! It's syscrash. Lol.


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