Just a quick note that this an alt account, I'm mainly active on @david@pl.seahorse.sh

@retroedgetech I would have never of known about on Pleroma if you hadn't of mentioned it :) really neat for viewing posts in plain-text

@10leej I'm terrible with cli, I can barely use the terminal for general commands ;)

@10leej I've come to the conclusion that proxmox is the way to go on a server for virtualization

@nerdtronics @10leej @drcounelis @splitshockvirus I caught last part of the stream this morning πŸ‘€ almost zzz time here for me

@iska Do you have your portage configs on git somewhere? Looking for real-world flags to do -O2, graphite, lto without going the lto-overlay route

@10leej @syscrash I gotta enable JS to use Mastodon on the web :/

@syscrash 'Spose I should switch to iOS and purchase some fancy App Store-thingy

Is Husky/Tusky the only decent *droid fedi app or am I living under a rock? What do you use?

@syscrash It's weird I know; even more weird that FB is sending notifs for a long ago de-activated account

@syscrash Is it possible the number your wife had back then is being re-used? The person who has it now may have done a FB password reset and got in that way

@syscrash Subscribe them to a ton of spam email/text services

@nerdtronics It is yeah- spun up a spare server to test

It's nice to explore different front ends, all I've ever used is mastodont

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