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Tried out the Mutt email client, fair to say I'm probably going to use it long-term

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Old screenshot, but lost it when distrotoot went down

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The apache server was ran on windows, and mastodon was ran inside WSL or RHEL.

You can't convince me otherwise.

Rebuild Gentoo with LTO, -O3 and graphite or leave my system alone?

> Checks federated timeline
> Mainly anime and waifus
> Feels at home

Starnix™ GNU plus Linux, coming soon to a mirror near you

It's never felt better to see the local feed with familiar faces <3

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Starnix is a community effort lead by FOSS enthusiasts for the purpose of establishing ActivityPub Software and promoting Fediverse usage. The primary topics for this Mastodon instance include but are not limited to software technology, including FOSS, Unix and Unix-like operating systems, and gaming.