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"Conspiracy Theorist" was a term created by the CIA to describe people who openly questioned the establishment narrative about the assasination of JFK.

plama on arch is great now(its now very fast) and way less buggy, my pinephone pro knows what it wants @rootbsd (try it)

@drcounelis @Coyote

It's deeper than that, it's all about SRA and mind control by forcing MPD on victims at a young age so you can program "alters" to perform certain tasks.

Some might think that enjoying free speech on Fedi is a sign you are less tolerant of others but that's just not true. I've become more tolerant if anything. Just because someone says something offensive and or I don't agree doesn't mean I block them. It's only an opportunity to engage with them, grab popcorn or just ignore and move on. Thick skin is a valuable trait. How lame do you have to be to go actively searching for instances you don't like so you can broadcast that you are blocking them?

@james I HATE THE Year of the Linux Desktop
"The year is 2022, and the Year of Linux Desktop has finally arrived.

I sit in front of my Linux Desktop, and open up Google Chrome. I log into Instagram to check what my friends are up to. My browser automagically fetches my biometrics and passport details stored in my TPM chip via a proprietary kernel module to verify my identity. I scroll through the stories and posts, videos auto-playing with full hardware acceleration support, decoded securely with the help of the DRM kernel module (also proprietary). I leave an emoji comment using predictive typing based on my typing habits, a long-awaited modern feature now built into Gnome and AI calculated using Apple Cloud. Life is good.

I open up Steam, and boot up Legend of World of Final Fantasy XXVII: Part 2. Since it is the Year of the Linux Desktop, the game runs flawlessly as it hooked into an anti-cheat kernel module which scans through all my files and activates the Bluetooth 7.0 haptic device embedded inside me. The sound is flawless due to support for LDAC with Pipewire, and I can run my game with the safety of mind that there will be no cheaters, because anyone who attempts to do so will suffer the pain of an exploded prostate induced by the Bluetooth 7.0 haptic embedded anti-cheat device, which, I have to say again, runs perfectly under Linux now. Finally.

Life is good. Microsoft Word and Excel files are no longer a problem because Microsoft Office completely became a web app, so I could just run it using Flatpak, which automatically downloads the Microsoft Edge runtime for me and verifies the license using the Microsoft license verification kernel module.

Life is good"

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