I hate this. my soul yearns to buy and drive more Datsuns.

I want a 240Z, 510, and a 610. I'd really like a Nissan GT/R/X. I want something with a rotary Wankel engine too.

I love that there's an instance called queer.party. Makes it easy to block a large swath in one click.

Oh, and I printed the radiator isolators / spacers out of TPU, so it'll hold the aluminum radiator off the steel core support, which will help keep electrolysis(I think that's the right word for dissimilar metals corroding when in contact?) in check.

Currently printing a battery tray, which I posted about previously. The first layer is going down like glass.

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So it wasn't quite "the day" but the molded hoses fit perfectly. Got the clamps on. I scuffed off the extra paint from the timing marks and those look great too. Not sure why I didn't take a picture.
The temp sender is on order now, so we just put the one that doesn't fit back in. It'll be fine until the right one shows up.

Everything is burning around us, but at least we still have catgirls.

Today might be the day. Bypass hoses are both supposed to be here. Just need to find the right temp sender locally I hope. The datto might be up and running by tomorrow.

So people arent OK with murdering kids in school, but it's somehow fine to murder kids in the womb and even a month after they're out?

Double standards much?

Murder is environmentally friendly. Wake up.

It's about the . Tonight, I scraped off the old sticker and dad applied the new one. I moved it over a bit since the last owner covered up the glass with it. And that's a travesty.
Put the NOS style on.
Added to the . I'll scuff off the extra paint once it dries.
Also applied new sealer to the threads on the bypass nipple at the thermostat housing.
Aaand then found out I got the wrong because I'm an and didn't do any research.

Look at me doing hashtags like a pro.

My "custom" KLOS 95.5 stickers. The one on my truck has seen its better days, and KLOS doesn't do this style anymore

Mowed the lawn while it was sprinkling. Cleanest scraping ever

Everything going on these past couple years reminds me of this song.

just watched a 27 minute police chase that happened today in my area, less than 10 miles away at one point.

the douchebag was driving a mustang with blacked out windows. they got pulled over for the windows, and took off from there.

about 60 miles of driving and swerving through traffic, the police called it off since they only got help from 3 different officers along the way. this is what de-funding the police does, and creating a culture of cops being stigmatized for doing their job.

this person had no issues with putting everyone, including their own life in danger, so not sure why it's not ok to just have an officer on the side of the road to shoot into the windshield as they drive by. we need these types of people out of our gene pool.

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And no, cura just happened to hang their themeing to match the new gnome theme on some of their applications I guess. Why are there like 5 different window styles

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