So my mag release button worked, but not with the disc or anything else as part of the button.

I'm going to attempt to print another version where you have to use like m2's to secure the hats like the metal versions, but I'm not sure how well that will work

I'm not being racist. It's exclusively the black kids working here in Canal Winchester. I don't understand.

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Waited in line at Wendy's for almost 10 minutes for them to move only one car through. Got impatient and went to McDonald's, since they're faster.

Waited almost 15 for three people to order and move on. Technically faster, but Jesus.

And why is it all these black kids working look at me with disdain and silently hand back my card like they're doing me a favor?

I'm irrationally upset that him parts are not in metric.

There's no reason they should be. I'm just so used to working with metric now that it's weird when something I like isn't...

Eating dinner at buckeye express diner. Pretty cool. We're in a train car.

Mazda is so happy to just be racing.

We just got some serious rain. Saw a formula car spin and a Porsche go over the hill, but he saved it and got back on.

There's a guy driving an alfa Romeo that lost his hood

This race was a joke. I think they only ran like 3 laps before pacing the rest of the time limited race.

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Once I get home, I'll have to go through pictures and videos and do proper uploads

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Guy just walked by me with his scantily clad girlfriend and said, "this thing fucks."

Well it depends on what the radar says tomorrow morning. If it's clear on the way out, I'll be going to mid Ohio sports car racetrack (I think that's the proper name). The gas tank is mostly full.
Wheels are torqued and aired up equally.
I charged my spare battery pack for my phone.

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bomber gas station, diagonal view, route 99 e., milwaukie, oregon, 1980

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