ok, so at some point, took a literal dump on itself for updating. No updates work now. And the more I try to fix it, the worse it gets.

I tried pacman-mirrorlist and tried adding a new one generated from arch and tried setting back to default.

I've also tried messing with the settings from the updater, but that's a whole lotta nada. I don't get why every linux distro I've used is so self-destructive.

@ducky You should open port 22 on your router and let me install arch linux on your laptop.

jk unless... :cirno_baka:

@splitshockvirus I just switched to unstable, against my better judgment. it's at least updating currently

@10leej I did not, nor did I think about that. Does that cause update issues? Now that I'm on unstable, dash to dock stopped working, the theme I used got removed, and my wallpaper slideshow no longer works...

@duckW3ll you'd know you have to do this is you used the terminal.

@10leej yeah iunno. I just rolled back a couple days with my timeshift backup and it all works again, so ill just leave it be

@ducky I had that problem too. I just waited a few days, and it was able to update.

On another note, I have changed kernels in the past when something went wonky due to an update.

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