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Hello world!
I'm Gabriel, a Canadian GNU/Linux & FOSS enthusiast. I've been running arch linux with KDE for years! Looking to get connected with liberty-minded people from across the world!

I've dabbled in almost everything I can get my hands on, from & to & . I'm a massive huge of @PINE64 & @purism as well as open hardware in general.

One of my current projects is writing

This is a very interesting idea as a starting point.

Setup independent arbitration to appeal decisions by large institutions/actors so that they must pay penalties when they violate people’s rights.

In terms of moderation, this system may incentivize awful rules, but this isn’t much of a departure from the status quo.

If expanded to protect people’s rights from all non-state actors this would do a great deal to close the “it’s not the government doing it” loophole.


BioShock: The Collection on Epic Games

BioShock Remastered
BioShock 2 Remastered
BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition

fun fact: 'webp' is short for 'web pee', a reference to the fact that every time you use this format, a google manager pisses on an innocent employee

The Trudeau government has announced it worked with airlines to consider requiring “digital identity documents” and biometric data like facial recognition for pre-aircraft boarding requirements.

First, because capital is misallocated - funneled into bankers' pockets for useless SPACs, rather than being used to build factories, train workers, invent new products and processes, and improve logistics.

But financialization doesn't just starve the real economy of the capital it needs to grow, it actually *destroys* real economy businesses, as when private equity firms undertake leveraged buyouts (buying a company with other peoples' money, using the company itself as collateral).


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Stoller: "To put it differently, a small number of people are collecting hundreds of billions of dollars in fees running private equity funds, but private equity is no better (and probably worse) in terms of returns than public equity indexes."

When banks can make more money rooking suckers in confidence games than they can by loaning money to productive businesses, the productive economy suffers.


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Very annoying (understatement) to see other cartoonists, who did nothing to oppose the mad tyranny of lockdowns, and many of whom attacked me for doing so, now drawing cartoons highlighting the awful ‘cost of living crisis’ they helped to create.

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