We are living through the dumbest time in history. Humanity is making the same mistakes it has made century after century after century. We have learned nothing.

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

What if it's not mistakes?
What if people have correctly identified who they are and where they are and are simply acting out the gamble of the millenia.

Imagine if you will that a non-trivial % (let's say 20%) of humanity foresaw the rise of total brutal and unrelenting totalitarianism.

Now a great deal of them have a choice:

  • Do they join the "winning side" and compete for positions of power in this new era?
    Securing themselves and their legacy for quite a long time.

  • Or do they do everything they possibly can (well-thought-out-or-not) to prevent that system from coming to be?
    This dooms them, but their very existence day by day is an act of rebellion against a system that is creeping onto the scene.

Those who choose either option largely agree on the state of reality but disagree on the risk-reward ratio of particular actions in their life-circumstance.

Think Roko's basilisk.

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