In Birdsite, reporting publicly available facts == "hateful conduct".

Corporate Social Mass Media platforms disgust me. They are a dire threat to a balanced, democratic discourse on important and current topics and must be dismantled, with their leadership and employees in key positions probed for their involvement in stifling public discussion.

@neglesaks Its a private site. They do what they want.

You shouldn't rely on private institutions for public discourse.

@wholemilk Sorry, while techically true, I don't buy that argument.

Network effects means that certain SoMe providers end up being massively dominant in the marketplace, which means that they end up with an inordinate amount of influence, and so do their moderation policies and the moral code (if any) that this is based on. For example, for years it was a problem that Scandinavian women couldn't post pictures of breastfeeding on Facebook.

Mass SoMe should be regulated as public utilities.


@neglesaks @wholemilk
and social media censorship are the realest manifestation of "if voting changed anything, they would make it ilegal".
Governments and corporations have absolutely no problems with the proliferation of hate, CP, and other nonsense on their networks.
What does bother them is the mere potential of the people having the ability to frame their own discussions about how things should be done...without pre-set boundaries.

@gabriel Ultimately the only thing SoMe companies care about is profitability.

Whatever makes them money is what they'll promote. This is literally every company.

And it is a totally valid one. If I was a shareholder, and I could make more money by banning certain speech I absolutely would. No where IRL is free speech utopia.

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