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The song, fixed and mixed. Worked all day and night on this.
This was pretty fun

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Is there a privelege escalation exploit that works on android kernel 4.14.116, june 1 2021 security patch, emui, or MRX-AL09(kirin990)?
I want to back up my save files, or hopefully do some cool stuff with apps.

@iska It just means "hodl more than typical consumption" nothing more, nothing less. If it was an actual sale, there's a different legal charge, dealing... It's preemptive "dealer" bs...

It's illegal to kill someone, but then it's also illegal to use a weapon, and to have a high cap mag...

Cali once did a law that was "selling drugs without a license" charge, like drug dealers were going to get a dealers license, like... ??? What?

It's "feel good" laws, politicians watering down the legal system for to pass "feel good" legislation that will win votes. Same as "we need a law now" after TX shooting, like the law will suddenly make it better, and stop the crimes. It's bullshit...

It's shit that makes lawyers and politicians rich, by getting donations and charging fees to argue about it in court, when the underlying crime was ENOUGH, but, hey, why not add complexity, so tax payers pay more too? Why not rape the system for cash while we're at it .... Bullshit.
Google should invest more resources in making the debugging tools better rather than making fancy GUIs.

A fancy GUI doesn't help fixing issues when adb decides to stop working, while improving adb would make the debugging easier for us.

Fucking big tech companies and their infinite money to waste...
Damn it actually is and just used the toilet during my first one in conwy yesterday and microwaved today are not your friends

getting inspiration for my dream car buid by reading "stupidest car mods" articles and watching "ugliest cars" videos

где можно скачать торрент аниме с переводом?
Where can I torrent anime with Russian dubs/subs?
hokuto no ken

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