is updating their terms of service again. They are now going to start blocking contents of your email based on what you say or upload.
The terms take effect August 15, 2022.

Should've highlighted blocking the MS account too.
Next step is smart app control github lock-in.

Microsoft has always been evil, so no change in karma.

@james Well, e-mail providers have generally tried to stop spam, viruses and illegal activity since the 90s. What worries me is they'll expand the definition of "Services" to include the OS and basically everything comes under surveillance

Email providers have been rejecting incoming and outgoing email based on content for decades. If they didn't then email as a concept would be unusable.

@james you would think this would be a violation of the telecommunications act but since when has laws mattered
@Moon dude they are a private company they can do what they want or something lmao

*laughs in Tutanota*

Seriously people switch to Tutanota or Protonmail or some other privacy respecting option.

@james I'm totally on board to bash on Microsoft, but this looks like every AUP I've ever agreed to with a hosting company

@james The language is still too vague.
Do they mean having your OS instance block/[blocked from] network traffic in general or merely their incredibly insecure email/online account system?
@james Got locked out of my msn account since 2013 because I logged on from a laptop that crashed and got set to 2000. Their service sucks and they make Google look good with everything they do.

@FabreNation Weird stuff happens with Microsoft accounts.
One time someone said to me about how his account has been banned because he was transferring files from some device to a cloud and it violated the ToS somehow. He tried to replicate it but it didn't get terminated.
He told me he could only play games on his Xbox because he had it set as his Home Console.

@wrongthink @james Nah, they'll probably just shake it off again with "at least it's easy to use".

@AppleOnTech @james To self host would be a great idea. But there is a problem: where to find a safe location?

@gamliel @james I consider a VPS fairly safe. At least much safer than outlook or gmail. My mail server is on Linode. I used

@AppleOnTech @james It depends on up to three jurisdictions:
* where is your server located,
* where is the official address of the company,
* where are yourself.
If these three are one jurisdiction, it depends on one jurisdiction.

@james funny thing is blocking delivery of email is illegal in texas :blobcatwhistle:
@james yup.
Never entrust a 3rd party with your email.

@james Ahhh good old microsoft, and yet the normalfag golems will not stop using it until is too late.

@james @jcbrand Not your server, not your content. Federate everything!

@james I ordered something from the first week I had my new domain on ms 365 then they blacklisted me for spam. Went and took a screen shot of the outbound and there was nothing in the sent folder server side. Then got a electronic letter telling me the domain was suspended due to spam and that "you can not appeal". Been using mail gun and monster megs ever since.

@james Microsoft going the way of so many individual tech workers & deciding they no longer want to run their own email servers

@james okay and what if I'm a malware researcher and my company uses microsoft and my job includes sending malware in an email? fucking M$...

@james @Grutjes interesting is that most people using MS for their work. Dependency is big. You can't just skip them.

@james Wait a minute. Isn't a Microsoft account necessary to use their latest operating system? So they can lock you out of your Computer for banalities! Easily.



@james Thanks for pointing this out! I totally missed it 🤦🏼‍♀️

Verstehe ich das richtig? Microsoft Windows behält sich jetzt anscheinend das Recht vor, Inhalte zu zensieren, die man auf Windows Rechnern produziert?
Das ist erstens echt schlimm! Und zweitens bin ich froh, seit 2007 auf #ubuntu #linux zu arbeiten.

Translation of @SebastianGallehr:
Do I understand this in the right manner? Microsoft Windows now apparently reserves the right to censor content produced on Windows machines?
First of all, that's really bad! And secondly, I am happy to work on since 2007.

@james To which Microsoft products are these terms related?

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