Do you believe has taken over ?

This article might help:

Also, the developer of went to work for Microsoft.

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@james The very nature of FOSS no. Before that would happen it would be forked and do not forget the Linux trademark is owned by Torvalds so he still have the ultimate control.

@james Open Solaris is a good example how it was forked into Illumos and its distros after Oracle took over.. But in case of Linux it will be the other way around since Torvalds owns the Linux trademark and it is him who has the ultimate control.


Let Lennart get the bag 💰, I don't blame him.

Also, the GPL is supposed to protect GNU/Linux from the evil corporations right? That's why ya'll make fun of BSD and call it's licenses cucked right, Linux is immune right???

@nerdtronics So they can still turn Linux proprietary? Is there any benefit to BSD-style licenses?


No but they can exert massive corporate control over Linux, like Google does.

> Is there any benefit to BSD-style license

It's the reverse of the GPL, it benefit those forking the code more than the original developer. The code is complete free (as in beer and as in freedom). This can be great and it can be abused. However if you are profiting from their code and suddenly need their help because something upstream breaks your fork, they can tell you to fuck off if they wish. The GPL forces good behavior, the BSD/MIT encourages it for your own good.

@nerdtronics @safiuddinkhan did say that if Linux was BSD/MIT or Public Domain, the corporations would've already taken it over by now. The Web was public domain (and Tim Berners-Lee once intended it to be under the GPL) and all the corporations took it over. The GPL had its benefits, and Linux took advantage of it, hence it survived.

Though OpenBSD is under the ISC License (similar to BSD/MIT) and look at where it is.

@nerdtronics @james Google has been reaping benefits from Linux and FOSS for years. A lot of their tech is based on Linux and FOSS... Microsoft has just realized oh! fuck we missed that train because of our arrogance and we are starting so late.. lol At the end of the day its all about money $$$$$ They are throwing money and buying Linux devs so that they could increase their server market share and maybe even later they can enter into mobile market again after their failure of WinCE.

@nerdtronics @james And there is already a massive corporate control over Linux.. Like look at the members of Linux Foundation its all the Big Tech.. Microsoft is only the latest one in the game.. But at the end of the GPL protects the code or it is supposed to and force them to have good behavior and the Linux trademark is owned by Linus Torvalds.

@nerdtronics @james Look look at it.. Its all the big tech.. lool Even Facebook is currently a platinum member.. lool

@nerdtronics @james None of the BSDs have this much corporate control at this level as how much Linux already have for decades. Linux is already the 3rd mainstream OS for decades now..

@nerdtronics @james If Linus Torvalds had not been from a multi-gen commie family and a European and was like Bill Gates he may have been a billionaire by But he is still a millionaire and is wealthy enough though not a greedy person like silicon valley big tech executives like I want everything and even more.

@nerdtronics @james his mum and dad who are both journalists and in politics were like they went to soviet union to get educated.. his grandfather was also very left wing.. And I was reading the interview of Linus eldest daughter who is also into tech like she is in her mid 20s and have the similar views and call herself a feminist.. lol

@nerdtronics @james like the entire family is as much left-wing as they could be.. lol

@nerdtronics @james and there are people in woke media and twitter who call Linus a Nazi and anti-feminist..lool

@safiuddinkhan @james

That's because Twitter is an insane asylum and a military propaganda tool.

@nerdtronics @james "Torvalds was born in Helsinki, Finland, the son of journalists Anna and Nils Torvalds,[7] the grandson of statistician Leo Törnqvist and of poet Ole Torvalds, and the great-grandson of journalist and soldier Toivo Karanko. His parents were campus radicals at the University of Helsinki in the 1960s. "

@nerdtronics @james that's Linus dad's credentials

"Torvalds was a member of the Communist Party of Finland from 1969 to 1982. He studied economics in Moscow and was the editor of the taistoist magazine Arbetartidningen Enhet. Torvalds has later described his communism as "rebellion".[3] Between 1995 and 2004 Torvalds worked as a foreign correspondent for the Finnish Broadcasting Company in Moscow and Washington.[4]"

@safiuddinkhan @james

Actually there are people on the fedi that use Windows exclusively, I know, I was shocked to find this out too. I thought the fedi was all Linux users.

@safiuddinkhan @james

It's the same with OpenBSD, Google, Meta and Microsoft are the biggest donors. Some Linux fanboy retard thought this was some gotcha moment to prove that BSDs were trash.. he thought Linux wasn't getting funding either from big tech, 🙄

@nerdtronics @safiuddinkhan Sorry, I was half-asleep. I knew Linux was funded by Big Tech, as we talked about. I decided to go to bed to see what you guys had to say when I woke up.
Even the major BSDs like OpenBSD are not safe from donations from the big tech companies (as long as the BSD foundations allow it, which they did). In this case, at least they don't have systemd and the other problems that Linux has.

Even though this wasn't necessarily a problem with BSD itself, companies could make propretary forks (like I saw with FreeBSD) and make proprietary operating systems. Other projects which used BSD licenses have been forked into proprietary software. This is why they are called cuck licenses by many.

You can still use the original programs and fork them to your benefit without forcing them to be open. Libraries like the Vorbis codec to operating systems like OpenBSD.

Yeah, this is a bit confusing for me. I might need some help fully understanding this. (And I want to use BSD soon.)

@nerdtronics @james

Software is like weaponry it has no morality on its own.

The license is the legal rules of who can use said weapon under what conditions and for what purpose.

Saying that the "GPL is supposed to protect GNU/Linux from the evil corporations" is not its intended purpose and is a stawman. But you're smart enough to already know that.


I dont know about taken over but surely the big-corporate control increases considerably by pouring millions , what MS does with it's 'open strategy'.
But for me the sad fact is that RMS was the loud voice , a pillar to a broader ethical view on software creation. And that voice was targeted maliciously and by-most from organizations that use the 'f' in their logo just as an ad flick cause it helps in their #sponsor_hunting and passionate developers recruitment.

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