Looks like a song can crash laptop hard drives from 2005. -2022-38392

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation

Read this article for context:

I left a YouTube comment with more information in the replies as well.

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Hank Anderson Commented on the YouTube video:

For those of you who don't understand why this song crashes old computers or computers running HDDs.
Here is a basic explanation:

Basically, this song contains rapid changes of frequency within the music. If you have headphones, you can better identify the part that changes. As the changes of frequency will shift the sound back and forth between both ears. (Similar to how 8D sound or 16D sound works).

When there is a change of frequency, it then creates a wave. If this wave manages to make contact with your HDD, it will cause the HDD to become unstable. Therefore, the HDD fails to operate properly which causes your computer to crash.

Due to HDDs having different moving parts within the hardware, some of the parts can be vulnerable to quick changes. Note: Not all rapid changes to frequency will make HDDs crash but this song is a special case and you should be really careful when listening to this song on old PC devices.

And "NO", this song will not crash SSDs or smartphone devices like some comments suggested.


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