This is a thread all my posts made in August 2022, starting 2022-08-24.

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I decided that all posts like this starting from today (2022-08-24) would be categorized into monthly threads like the one above (if opened). I am doing this to organize my posts for future reference since I keep losing them. (I boost too many posts as well.)
Threads will be organized by the month of the post, then when the month switches, the thread will end with a link to the next thread. The next thread will link to the previous. Each current thread will be pinned to my profile.

If this is successful, I might do this on alt accounts as well. Threads will be organized by the account, so you won't see posts from an alt like or @jamesp on this account (otherwise they count as replies).

Thanks @ademalsasa for the idea!

I forgot to mention, not every one of my posts will be organized in a thread like this. Boosts and replies to other posts will obviously not appear in these threads either, unless they're tied to this thread. Older posts will not appear in these threads either.
It's most likely only the longer, serious posts such as news, announcements and polls (but I'll try to include what I can) will appear in the thread. I'm using the last week of August as an experiment to see what starting a thread like this would be like.

is the reason I had fun on Mastodon. Starnix is just the continuation. I since branched into alt accounts like and @jamesp.

It looks like you're unable to sign up for and, the two instances run by the main developers of , so you'll have to sign up for instead.

It's too bad I have to reply to this thread every time I want to start a new post. Told you I probably woudn't post much, but now I just want to anyway because there's a lot of good stuff I want to make.

What's happening to could eventually happen to your email provider as well. Users of the provider were banned from signing up for Teams and . This is how they lock us into .
Eventually, in the name of "fighting spam" they will block all email providers, especially those on custom domains, unless the domain just happens to be associated with one of the big companies, such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Amazon, Comcast and Zoho.

P.S. Since launched their email service today, who knows if they'll be able to get away for it for much longer.

Follow @Tutanota on Mastodon.

Video by @BrodieOnLinux

Do you like the New website, or the old one?

I remember when you used to open certain websites and music would start playing. It wasn’t just video game websites and classic MIDI tunes.

Wow, the timeline seems to be really good on this account.

Hi @james, what a nice thread. I've been very happy with this kind of threading I did for several years at Mastodon. I wish also you are. Happy posting!
I suppose using the 'bookmark' feature of mastodon would work too, same as pinning. It wouldn't clutter the 'pin' area either.
Another idea would be to do them by topic vs by month. Months don't have any meaning about the content.
I'd make them match my joplin categories. @jamesp @ademalsasa

@james @jamesp

but when people reply to you, other's comments too will be included in your monthly thread.

@nerdtronics @Tutanota @BrodieOnLinux I forgot to mention, Gmail and all the others could prohibit that in their Terms of Service and block your device from creating any accounts (and forwarding them to your main account), locking you out of the system.

If they don't block you, they could also add that to your profile, because they know all these emails were created in a certain place (you might not get away with it over a VPN or Tor) and they are all forwarded to your main email.

@james @Tutanota @BrodieOnLinux Mmh. Why should I be bothered from not being able to sign up for Microsoft Teams? I mean, there's Jitsi, BigBlueButton, Signal, Threema, …?

DDG does not offer a real e-mail service. They do mailbox aliases and sort of mail forwading trough own servers only. With a mail content analisys. This is also a very questionable idea due to a potential privacy concerns. That's nothing different to that what gmail does for targeting and profiling users with their ads. Technically seeing is that same thing - reading people emails. If some AI can read it, a human and/or company employees can too.

@james @Tutanota @BrodieOnLinux who needs proprietary softwares anyway. They are free because they want to lock you in their walled garden. Expect them to mistreat users because that's what proprietary softwares do

@cat567 @Tutanota @BrodieOnLinux
> They are free

as in gratis, like Freeware. Not free as in freedom, like Free Software. Know the difference!

@james @Tutanota @BrodieOnLinux
Some good posts... I for one believe that until things are taken away and until things like this happen many people will not change or consider our words... so it's not what I want BUT makes sense that every little thing they don't want to give is what they will take back so that is a good for *alignment* overall...

...aligns thing (I'm a collector of people that say they are one thing but do the other)

Eventually force and Big Tech increasing their conditions has to be happens for those that don't change earlier in their thinking.

If you think Tech is not political and neutral read this post again and consider decisions (especially in Tech all thinking at is political more than not - from funding to teaming up against people.

@james Looks like some trite enterprise site. I absolutely dislike it.

@james for some reason, it's blank on my device. So if the old one was anything else, I'd prefer that one 😄


Bold of you to assume I even like mastodont in the first place 😏

@nerdtronics You were on DistroToot, which was Mastodon. Of course you have your more spicy pleroma account, though what about

@swaggboi There's no algorithm. I just follow good accounts and the timeline is sorted by newest to oldest. I just have to get through it all. It takes time.

@james My timeline on my self-hosted alt is about the same as this main but I'm largely still following the same accounts on both (try to follow more Misskey accounts on Misskey and more Mastodon on Mastodon but... I'm lazy lol)

@swaggboi Just unfollow those Mastodon accounts on Misskey. Use Misskey to follow Misskey and Pleroma accounts as well. I use my Mastodon to follow your Mastodon and I use my Misskey to follow your Misskey.

@james I don't think anythings gonna happen anytime soon, this blog post just shows it's possible


the funny part is BSD is more tolerant in accepting different licenses than Linux/GPL...

C is a ISO Standard while RUST is a double licensed language... :flan_think:

While is surely feasible and even a good option, I don't think there will be ever pressure to adopt it as in Linux, more over is a Mozilla project and...

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