This is a thread of all my posts made in September 2022, starting 2022-09-01.

August 2022:

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If you fear a domain may get terminated, use with the tool below and collect the records of your domain and subdomains. You can use them in /etc/hosts on and you will be able to continue accessing the server, even if the domain goes down. This is what we should've done with , but it's too late!

Edit: Emoji's now gone as of earlier today. It was the exact same as the profile featured, but in emoji size.

@distrotube made a video about burnout, where channels that have been doing YouTube for a long time need to take breaks to come up with interesting content.

DT, if you ever get to that point, this is the time you should start maintaining all the other projects you have going, such as, Gemini, and even your Mastodon profile. Also, how are you finally going to give us ?

Should my iPhone X stay on iOS 13.4.1, not be able to run certain apps but keep (relative) privacy, or upgrade to iOS 15.6/16 and get surveillance and have the storage fill up?

Users of :ubuntu: derivatives and flavors such as :xubuntu:​, :kubuntu:​, :lubuntu_lqxt:​ (old logo: :lubuntu:​), :ubuntumate:​, , :ubuntudde:​, :ubuntubudgie:​, :kde_neon:​ and even :

Does your distro get out of the box, and are you having issues with Snap?
Regular Ubuntu and Server does not count in this poll. Non-Ubuntu distros don’t count either.

Boosts and comments appreciated. Please comment with the distro you’re using.

And yes, is an official flavor! It’s based on Unity 7, which was last used on Ubuntu 17.04. Ubuntu since switched to GNOME in 17.10. You can check it out below:

It’s also on Wikipedia:

Root BSD Profile Pictures 

For the record, archiving the two profile pictures by and ’s two current accounts are @nerdtronics and (BSD Ninja).

The text for the display names of the two profiles are:
> 𝕽𝖔𝖔𝖙 BSD 🐸 🐡

I’ve also archived this image by @syscrash as posted by @bonkersbsd:

Hey @nerdtronics do you have the original profile picture for your channel Root BSD, as well as the one you last used on PeerTube until recently?

Here's a : If you're on and you want to boost a post again, just unboost it and Reboost it!

So I have over 1,000 posts (on the Mastodon end) on, and almost 7,000 posts on this account. Honestly I just prefer Mastodon over Misskey and even Pleroma. Probably because I was on the Mastodon instance DistroToot.

Just noticed @feditips got a new profile picture. No longer do they have a check but instead a lightbulb.

I've noticed a lot of accounts were created in 2022, even after my account was created on this instance by Starnix!

How do I type this symbol ⑨ without having to keep copying and pasting? I saw it posted by two accounts today.

is planning to drop in favor of . This will make it harder to develop extensions such as , unless you switch to .

But Google did a trick. Their replacement still allows you to make Adblock extensions, but they won't work as well, subconsciously leading users to believe that they just don't work, and they get uninstalled. No thinking about trying an alternative like Firefox.

This is part of the plan to track everyone and put ads in front of their face, with no way to disable it. You will see the ads and you will like them.

Be thankful still exists and is keeping Firefox alive. Without them everyone will be using a Chromium-based browser, or Safari (but that's exclusive to Macs and iPhones, sorry).

Be thankful you're not on mobile, where mobile browsers don't even support extensions, except for , which will still keep Manifest v2 and be able to block ads on Android. On iOS, you don't get any adblockers.

I might need to sign up for another Mastodon account, but I'll still keep this account on Starnix. Which of the three instances should I join?

@james i have no idea why o humanoid should still use chrome like browsers

No, Brave's adblock woks fine. I'd rather stop using the internet altogether than give market share to something made by Mozilla.

@james Why don't I see my own emoji on this end? Maybe it's because it's too large to be an emoji...
The picture shows up just fine.

@james jailbreak it too, when I was an iphone user I did some crazy shit when I was jailbroken

@james what do you mean by "why?"?

Isn't that self-explanatory? 😄

@james @tenacity
Excellent name. Memorable.
It's like a take on something Jack Black and existing Audacity... even if it's not exactly that apart from the Audacity part !

@james #snapd is a disease that should never be on a computer, but I feel the same way about #flatpak & #appimage, so no discrimination here. Seriously though, they all run slower than if you compiled the apps yourself on #Linux & they're bloated.

#Canonical #Ubuntu lost my respect with #Snap and #LinuxMint gained more respect by rejecting it altogether.

@james Linux Mint (Ubuntu based distro) comes without Snaps by default, even Firefox browser installs as a .deb package.

Yeah, it's pretty cool, very SoundCloud-like. If we could make comments linked to timestamps we could have a very similar experience, but without all the SoundCloud's clutter 😅


Is quite "Zen" with part of it looped :)

Track Name: Rob Sonic - Space Cadet
(corrected name - thanks for head-up)

Anyone into music?
Want to create music together?

Link to post:
(can get the original there too!)

@james firefox and focus on android restrict to like 5 extensions, not all all of them.

At least uBO and Privacy Possum are there. In Fennec F-droid you can even access about:config to disable WebRTC.

Thanks - I just installed Fennec yesterday and I hadn't even gotten around to running it yet.

@james on ios the closest thing is brave browser. i hate it on ios🤦‍♂️

@james yes, mobile sucks. this is why you need pi-hole.


Highly recommend running on anyone's local network. It's really easy to set up and maintain, and it blocks ads, trackers, and anything else you want really on all devices on the network, even in apps and smart TVs that can't run

@james I hear you. But maybe good to add that there are more browsers which have users, not advertisers in mind.

@james IMO fostodon is just a shouting board with no real community

@james I finally have the chance to be a Linux Rocks recruiter.

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