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August 2022:


Users of :ubuntu: derivatives and flavors such as :xubuntu:​, :kubuntu:​, :lubuntu_lqxt:​ (old logo: :lubuntu:​), :ubuntumate:​, , :ubuntudde:​, :ubuntubudgie:​, :kde_neon:​ and even :

Does your distro get out of the box, and are you having issues with Snap?
Regular Ubuntu and Server does not count in this poll. Non-Ubuntu distros don’t count either.

Boosts and comments appreciated. Please comment with the distro you’re using.

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And yes, is an official flavor! It’s based on Unity 7, which was last used on Ubuntu 17.04. Ubuntu since switched to GNOME in 17.10. You can check it out below:

It’s also on Wikipedia:

@james #snapd is a disease that should never be on a computer, but I feel the same way about #flatpak & #appimage, so no discrimination here. Seriously though, they all run slower than if you compiled the apps yourself on #Linux & they're bloated.

#Canonical #Ubuntu lost my respect with #Snap and #LinuxMint gained more respect by rejecting it altogether.

@james Linux Mint (Ubuntu based distro) comes without Snaps by default, even Firefox browser installs as a .deb package.

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