Just noticed @feditips got a new profile picture. No longer do they have a check but instead a lightbulb.

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Root BSD Profile Pictures 

For the record, archiving the two profile pictures by @rootbsd@stereophonic.space and @rootbsd@fosstodon.org. ’s two current accounts are @nerdtronics and @rootbsd@rojogato.com (BSD Ninja).

The text for the display names of the two profiles are:
> 𝕽𝖔𝖔𝖙 BSD 🐸 🐡

I’ve also archived this image by @syscrash as posted by @bonkersbsd:

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Looks like put Promotions before Social. It used to be after Social.

In case you need to know, Social is Blue and Promotions is Green.

Why am I seeing 11 on multiple public computers with 7th Gen Intel Core i7s?

In you can no longer move tracks using the moving tool in the menu (or pressing F5), you instead have to grab the titles of the tracks, and move them around that way.

They also added a loop button, allowing you to loop the selected track playing.

I'm using Audacity 3.1.3 on Arch Linux.

How to take a screenshot on :

set $scrsht ~/.config/sway/bin/scrsht.sh
# shot
bindsym Print exec $scrsht --full


Thanks @iska (from a post that got lost but was archived, attached below is the referenced screenshot)

@gabriel Posted this before it got eroded when this Mastodon instance reverted snapshots.

A song that was on YouTube but got removed, but I have the audio saved.


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