Users of :ubuntu: derivatives and flavors such as :xubuntu:​, :kubuntu:​, :lubuntu_lqxt:​ (old logo: :lubuntu:​), :ubuntumate:​, , :ubuntudde:​, :ubuntubudgie:​, :kde_neon:​ and even :

Does your distro get out of the box, and are you having issues with Snap?
Regular Ubuntu and Server does not count in this poll. Non-Ubuntu distros don’t count either.

Boosts and comments appreciated. Please comment with the distro you’re using.

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Hey what's the news with I thought it was on the verge of shutting down for a while but people are talking a lot about it now, so I'm curious.

Why are many people on the setting their Display Name to:

> DM me the word "bread"

Boosts appreciated.


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