@distrotube made a video about burnout, where channels that have been doing YouTube for a long time need to take breaks to come up with interesting content.

DT, if you ever get to that point, this is the time you should start maintaining all the other projects you have going, such as distro.tube, Gemini, and even your Mastodon profile. Also, how are you finally going to give us ?


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is the reason I had fun on Mastodon. Starnix is just the continuation. I since branched into alt accounts like @james@pleroma.jamesp.org and @jamesp.

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Should , and the rest of the support dislikes like does?
Yes, I know about YouTube.

(This was an old post from , I have a thread below about that.)


@distrotube: Linuxfx Brings Everything Wrong With Windows To Linux


: I too feel decidedly angry about this...why would anyone do this willingly?

James Pearson:
The reason why is because some users will only use a computer if it's Windows. I know many people who are contrary about that, and having an OS like this will make it easier for those users.
For us, don't use Linuxfx. There's no need. Unpopular opinion, but I actually do like the amount of work they put in to make it though.

I definitely don't doubt that a lot of customization had to be done to mimic the entire look and feel of Windows 11, and I commend the developer for that dedication in making Linux look familiar to Windows. A lot of Windows users would certainly feel at home in that OS, but I agree with DT in that going so far as to bundle some of the most spyware-ridden software known to man and mirroring the Windows paywall system is decidedly anti-Linux in philosophy, and to me that's not right.

James Pearson:
In the case of the spyware-ridden software and paywalls, 🤢 🤮
Also, you still don't have C drives, and you still have the Linux FHS.
Look what happened to Lindows! (Not a joke, it was an actual OS, later renamed Linspire over a lawsuit, now dead.)


> Rest in pesto, Distrotoot.

> Not time for RIP just yet. It will just be on a new server under new management. Working on a solution now.

> =O

This didn't age well.


An old post from the era:

Imagine if the whole world was designed on base 16 (0-F) instead of base 10 (0-9). (The Sumerians used base 12, which is what clocks use.) How would the world change?

@atyh Thank you for containing an entire backup (minus profile pictures and emojis) of my account since you followed it (including other DistroToot accounts as well).

@distrotube should make these updates to his profile on Mastodon to better reflect his two old accounts on mastodon.technology and .

- Display Name: Derek Taylor 🐧
- Add a banner to his profile, just like his YouTube channel
- Add these table cells to his bio:

YouTube: youtube.com/c/DistroTube
Patreon: patreon.com/distrotube
Website: distro.tube
GitLab: gitlab.com/dwt1

Found some lost toots from in a saved video on my phone. One time I got a reply from a random number that was a text that I sent to a few friends.

James Pearson :verified:
I was on SMS sending a text to all my friends something, then got the same exact text back from a number I did not know! What do I do?

This otherwise would've been lost as it was not in the recovered backup.

An old post by @rootbsd from the era: (Slightly modified by James P.)

Okay so ya'll know I'm a drum and bass/uk bass nut, but I also dabble in rock and rap. My friend is a metal head and he reminded me of this band, good stuff 👍


Source: web.archive.org/web/2021061213

This is the 1001st post I made on ! I have the second-highest amount of posts, falling short to @splitshockvirus.
It took me 3 months back on to get me this far. Now here’s to many more posts.
Also, there’s many more on @james@pleroma.jamesp.org


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