> Rest in pesto, Distrotoot.

> Not time for RIP just yet. It will just be on a new server under new management. Working on a solution now.

> =O

This didn't age well.


@atyh Thank you for containing an entire backup (minus profile pictures and emojis) of my account since you followed it (including other DistroToot accounts as well).

Found some lost toots from in a saved video on my phone. One time I got a reply from a random number that was a text that I sent to a few friends.

James Pearson :verified:
I was on SMS sending a text to all my friends something, then got the same exact text back from a number I did not know! What do I do?

This otherwise would've been lost as it was not in the recovered backup.

This is the 1001st post I made on ! I have the second-highest amount of posts, falling short to @splitshockvirus.
It took me 3 months back on to get me this far. Now here’s to many more posts.
Also, there’s many more on @james@pleroma.jamesp.org

In four days, I was able to go from 0 to 177 posts on this account, plus this post, all the posts from @james@pleroma.jamesp.org as well as back on DistroToot.

For Derek from DistroTube (founder of DistroToot), you can still watch his YouTube channel, youtube.com/DistroTube
TechHut is still on Twitter, twitter.com/TechHutTV
I hope TooTankhaMooN moved somewhere else.

I'm now on a mission to get everyone from DistroToot onto Starnix network before they're all gone.

Hello to every on Starnix network! This is where I will post mostly tech-related content. Unlike on DistroToot, politics is usually discouraged on Starnix but allowed as long as it doesn’t violate the ToS. If you want more lax (and maybe political) posts, be sure to follow @james@pleroma.jamesp.org

Hello Starnix! Still waiting for everything to become complete.


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