I wish was on the . Maybe they can sign up for chaos.social.
MPV is my favorite media player on .


On , for larger instances such as mastodon.social, you should use the Tab to discover new users and posts, since the local and federated timelines will be choked.
For smaller instances, it might be harder to maintain the Explore tab, however, the Local and Federated Timelines should be much easier to handle.
For personal instances, why do we need a local timeline? The Federated Timeline should be easy to handle, though.

Apparently the good news from the exodus to is that it will convince more people to set up specialized fediverse instances. I hope that the Object Show community sets up a Mastodon instance, for example. I hope local communities set up instances.
I hope people set up their own instances for their own communities. By doing this it makes the much healthier and less prone to control.

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A whole exodus of users to is happening. This is good for Mastodon since now it’ll get a lot more users onto the .
For those who don’t have Twitter, don’t join. You’ll be surprised how many users are migrating to the fediverse.
For those who have Twitter accounts, use them to educate Twitter users about the Fediverse and Mastodon.
Please repost as this is a major event for the fediverse. Hope I get to see some great new people over here!

The fact that Elon Musk was able to go buy 9.2% of and join the board means that there will be something big for Twitter...
However, this solution is not going to be sustainable in the long term. My solution is joining the . It allows you to create your own platforms on your own terms, and communicate with other platforms on their terms. You can even comment on videos! If one goes down, just join another. The two platforms to start are and .

Federated services like @Mastodon, @matrix, @xmpp and more are less prone to data breaches. Smaller services aren’t as well known and are less of a target than large and centealized services such as Twitter and Signal.
If you run your own servers, it’s better since you own the data and are responsible for any breaches that happen. It also keeps federation healthy in the .
So if you want more security, switch to the Fediverse and you won’t need for now.

On a shared instance, I can simply call myself James. On my self-hosted instance that only I use, I have to call myself @james@pleroma.jamesp.org.
Mastodon gives me better discovery, Pleroma gives me more control. That’s why I use both accounts.

The (via ) should have a URI for apps that take advantage of the fediverse:


Links to @james@pleroma.jamesp.org (Pleroma uses ActivityPub)

On did you know you can just follow a channel such as @luke_channel with your or account and subscribe to all their updates? They don't need to create accounts on other instances. Just create a PeerTube channel and start uploading.
I love the !


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