Guys, get ready to see slowly hit the mainstream over time. The year it does is the Year of the Linux Desktop.

- A Proud Linux User

Crazy how it didn’t take long for to support the M1. I thought you couldn’t dual-boot on those macs... Can you? Or just in a VM?
If so, why doesn’t support this too?

Should be known for both the kernel and the userland (in the form of Distros such as Debian, Arch and Gentoo), or just the kernel?

Do you want back? Reply why in the comments.

Guys, is on its last legs. Now that it’s forcing Microsoft accounts to Pro users, we just can’t use Windows 11 reasonably anymore.
The only thing left is Windows 10 (unless you want to use 8.1 until January 2023), and that’ll lose support on October 14, 2025. That’s the cutoff date for using Windows. Then stop using it! And stop using MacOS as well!
is inevitable!

If Microsoft 11 requires online accounts, even for Pro installs, Windows is dead. What about MacOS?
is inevitable!


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