Users of :ubuntu: derivatives and flavors such as :xubuntu:​, :kubuntu:​, :lubuntu_lqxt:​ (old logo: :lubuntu:​), :ubuntumate:​, , :ubuntudde:​, :ubuntubudgie:​, :kde_neon:​ and even :

Does your distro get out of the box, and are you having issues with Snap?
Regular Ubuntu and Server does not count in this poll. Non-Ubuntu distros don’t count either.

Boosts and comments appreciated. Please comment with the distro you’re using.

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If you fear a domain may get terminated, use with the tool below and collect the records of your domain and subdomains. You can use them in /etc/hosts on and you will be able to continue accessing the server, even if the domain goes down. This is what we should've done with , but it's too late!

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Looks like my monitor froze up even on . Just writing this after the fact.

is a locked down version of for the , requiring you to have a account just to use the OS, but I like it because it is great for on a general Linux distro.

If you are you are better off playing Steam and so much more on an actual Linux distro instead, such as Fedora :fedora_linux: or Arch Linux. :arch_linux:

Install it on your personal computer (or figure out how to install it on your Steam Deck), and you’ll even be able to run productivity applications on your computer too, such as GIMP and LibreOffice, among others, with much more freedom than Steam OS out of the box.

is an independent :linux: distribution based on :kde: Plasma and other applications. Today I learned that it uses pacman, the package manager from . :arch_linux:

Learn more about KaOS:

I wish was on the . Maybe they can sign up for
MPV is my favorite media player on .

Every public kiosk in the wild should be running :linux: with a web browser. One good example of an OS is Linux :fedora_linux:​ with :firefox: or .

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Guys, get ready to see slowly hit the mainstream over time. The year it does is the Year of the Linux Desktop.

- A Proud Linux User

Crazy how it didn’t take long for to support the M1. I thought you couldn’t dual-boot on those macs... Can you? Or just in a VM?
If so, why doesn’t support this too?

Should be known for both the kernel and the userland (in the form of Distros such as Debian, Arch and Gentoo), or just the kernel?

Do you want back? Reply why in the comments.

Guys, is on its last legs. Now that it’s forcing Microsoft accounts to Pro users, we just can’t use Windows 11 reasonably anymore.
The only thing left is Windows 10 (unless you want to use 8.1 until January 2023), and that’ll lose support on October 14, 2025. That’s the cutoff date for using Windows. Then stop using it! And stop using MacOS as well!
is inevitable!

If Microsoft 11 requires online accounts, even for Pro installs, Windows is dead. What about MacOS?
is inevitable!


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