Ready to see climb to the top (okay maybe not)...
This post by @nerdtronics got over 39 reposts and 68 favorites! Mastodon can’t even list them all!

seems to be up again for now. Is it going down again?

This is the 1001st post I made on ! I have the second-highest amount of posts, falling short to @splitshockvirus.
It took me 3 months back on to get me this far. Now here’s to many more posts.
Also, there’s many more on

In , the character limit should be increased to 2000, max pins to 50, max poll options to 50, and max profile metadata rows to 20. Got so used to Pleroma.

I used my Pleroma account to follow my Mastodon account, and I used my Mastodon account to follow my Pleroma. I can now see each other’s private posts and easily boost each other’s posts. Also, my timeline is now synced!

Also, this is the 601st post on the Mastodon account. We’ve gone by two weeks of !

Should Mental Outlaw do the following:
- Have a website
- Join
- Join or some other or instance

Mental Outlaw is BASED btw

Should contain a instance at

More changes to be made to :
- Halcyon alternate frontend
- More Mastodon themes (custom colors, OLED)
- Change to glitch-soc?
- More to come in replies
Reply if you have questions, just like the post above.

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