Well, maybe I should make my website to be a Fancy things so a lot of Zoomers would like that

Keep in mind:
- No do over
- No bloat
- No nonsense JavaScript

Got it. Too bad it seems that there's a few missing codecs in Nix. Which causes kodi to not identify half my media collection. I wish more distros packaged x265.

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"People keep wanting to believe you can make an abstract form of physical power"

Brilliant! A very concise way of explaining something important.

“Debunking Vitalik’s Argument About PoS and Ethereum Merge”—from my latest conversation with @JasonPLowery

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Entire video here 👇🏼


Man I really want some unifi switches.

They're like Apple for networking equipment.

I've noticed a lot of accounts were created in 2022, even after my account was created on this instance by Starnix!

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Do you use #emacs ?

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix is now #live on #aNONradio please tune in!! 📻 🎶 tonite is #80s #synth and #newwave !


Made a temporary workstation for lab testing. Building up network isolation.

Maybe next week I'll have it completely bulletproof and ready for deployment.

Hey video nerds! I want to find a client that I can use to livestream (to peertube) a playlist from a headless server.

Ideally, I'd have a really really easy way to override it from my local machine with actual live content rather than a playlist, but I'll deal with that being slightly cumbersome if I can get just regular playlist livestreaming from a command line client.

These are terms that don't return good search results, or possibly I am bad at using modern search engines?

Regardless, I would welcome suggestions or tips if you have them.

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