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The official Mastodon app truncates options in polls. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to read the whole option within the app if it’s text is too long.

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Instead of this frustration being used on productive actions to organize, solve problems, or find out how they’ve been bamboozled; Social engineers would love to have a tool that would ensure this energy is entirely diffused pointlessly. John Titus has coined the term “Chewtoy”

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You can now at least HEAR your Steam Deck's horrible cries as you rip its soul apart and violate it in the worst way imaginable. You monster.


Hi all, we're happy to share that audio drivers are now available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 on Steam Deck! For instructions and more details, please visit the following link:


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Is there someone you follow on here and you enjoy their posts but you don't want to see their boosts?

Do you wish you could hide their boosts but still see their posts?

You can do this on Mastodon:

1. Log in through the website

2. Go to the profile of the person whose boosts you want to mute

3. Click "..."

4. Select "Hide boosts from..."

If you want to see their boosts again, just do the same thing but select "Show boosts from..."

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Boosts

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I just used to increase the volume on one of the videos I shot on a phone. I didn't realize how quiet the volume was on it.

So I looked up some documentation and figured out how to check the mean volume of one of my previous videos that I think had about the right volume and then annualized the mean volume of the quiet video:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter:a volumedetect -f null /dev/null

Then increased the dB by the difference:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -filter:a "volume=10dB" output.mp4

I'm pleased with the result.

Here's the documentation I used:

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Happy birthday to one of my favorite instrumental guitar players.

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Had a power outage at our place last night. That's super rare.

Power probably wasn't off long and it was while we were asleep.

However, when our custom built router on Dell Optiplex 380 hardware powered back on, the CR2032 battery had low voltage and the Dell gave an error about it which stopped it from fully booting up (required keyboard entry to bypass).

I didn't find out about that until taking the Optiplex router to my shop and testing it there. I have a stack of new CR2032 batteries, so I put a new one in. Took the opportunity to blow out all the dust in the machine.

Put the router back in place and pfSense booted right up and we have an internet connection again.

My self hosted websites were down until I got that sorted out.

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I am once again asking you to avoid creating Electron apps.

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I was in a business meeting, and someone asked me, "What school did you go to learn social media tech?"

And I said, "When I started working on this stuff, you couldn't go to school to learn it."

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You should move funds/crypto off of Coinbase if you haven't already. Their bonds are getting killed as default risk rises...

Coinbase 10yr debt trading down to 65% par, or 65c per $1. Listed are the top bond holders, 4th largest being BlackRock. Love seeing these douchebags underwater. Assuming these are $1k face value bonds, BlackRock is long 43,780 bonds or $43.78m notional, market value is $28.5m. Put another way, a loss of $15.3m.

Ouch. Not much for them, but I'm sure it still stings.

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If you can post toots longer than 500 characters, beware! Your instance isn't running genuine Mastodon. Instead of worrying about what other modifications have been made, let us help. You can find genuine Mastodon instances at

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I would like to forward @mike's great suggestion to the #fedizens of the #fediverse who have a account:

👉 Please "reach out to and submit a feature request for #ActivityPub support. :)"

🙏 Thank you! :)


CC: @feditips @joeldebruijn @humanetech
Discussion in context:

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@gemlog @cosullivan @claudiom @snowdusk @Maya @maperal @huitlacoche @xavavu @kelbot @james @pizza_pal @northernlights @helenpugh @Ines @robert588 @ParadeGrotesque The live 49th episode of the #copaceticmusichour is on #tilderadio ( tonight at 10 pm EDT/Saturday 0200 UTC and Saturday night at 8 pm EDT/Sunday 0000 UTC. Tonight we listen to the deep and powerful voice of the Cuban vocalist and composer Albita Rodriguez! #internetradio #musicshowcase

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@Hyolobrika @atomicpoet
USDT is fine, more or less. For now at least,

UST, without the D, is a "stable" coin that was pegged to the dollar, and backed by an algorithm that destroyed Luna when anyone minted the stable-coin then created it when they sold.

The price of that token, LUNA, has gone from about 80 dollars down to less than a penny.

It's supply has gone up from 25M to 6.9T.

Someone noticed that they could do to Luna/UST what Soros did to the bank of England on Black Wednesday and make billions of dollars for themselves, so they did.

The rest of crypto is crashing coz of general panic. The ones which are less obviously stupid are crashing a bit less, and of course the nasdaq and S&P are also dropping.

It's happened against a generally negative background in all the markets what with wars and the coming supply shocks and energy price hikes and inflation and stagnation.

The Luna/UST thing is over, it's dead.

The panic will continue for a bit probably.

The wars and energy prices and inflation and stagnation are a long way from being over or fixed.

Buy when there's blood on the streets?

So far on the Nasdaq it's half as bad as the dotcom crash. And some of the most powerful companies now alive survived that and thrived.

But you can't just buy randomly when there's blood on the streets. You gotta pick the ones that aren't going to die.

And figure out if there's enough blood yet.

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