cwm is cool, but I'll be honest I have no idea how to configure it

@kirby i started with empty config (~/.cwmrc) in one window and cwm(1) man page in other window. there is a list of default keybindings. i've created my own familiar keybindings first, then added 'unbind-key all' at the top, so that i only have what i want. just as a note: there's nothing wrong with default keybindings, but i've just accustomed to use meta (windows) key for window manager tasks and not the alt key.

next i opened the cwmrc(5) man page. all available options are documented there. for example i changed the default 'monospace' font to one i like. also i changed all the colors.

aside from bindings and colors, there is also an option to specify so called 'commands'. they are just like shortcuts to whatever you want. cwm has built-in exec menu and built-in commands menu. they are essentialy the same thing, but commands menu is empty by default, so you can create your own list of frequently used programs. also there are two special commands, 'term' and 'lock' which correspond to a terminal emulator and screen locker respectively.

you can check out my config if you want:
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