In order to play CD/DVDs in FreeBSD you have to use the following command as root/su

# chgrp glitch "/dev/cd0" && chmod 770 "/dev/cd0"

This was not in the handbook, I had to dig up a mailing list archive from ancient times.

Of course glitch is my user, replace glitch for username.

Good info, maybe it got looked over as cd roms are becoming rare. I removed drive from my thinkpad and put in a hdd caddy so I could have another drive.


Yeah, I got sent a gift from an OpenBSD developer that is also a DJ, a happy hardcore mixtape CD with a printed label, sticker and he threw in a valuable Pokemon card to boot (which I gave to my kiddo, he happens to be into those atm, great timing). What a nice guy! And the mix rocks too 🎵


Hmm, can I add it to the book? 🤔

It says I need a github account and I don't feel like making one. Too many accounts right now for me..

@nerdtronics file a bug then or send an email... So others are aware and someone can then do it.

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