circa. 2009:
"Uh no, putting a package manager in your coding language makes no sense and would be a gigantic clusterfuck, stop."
"I'll show them, if my name isn't John N. odejs!"

oh my god there's like 3 thousand js files who thought this was a good way to manage software

You know it's gonna be fun to build when merely processing the tarball gives you a runtime out of memory error.

Hm, what should the new subdomain be for my misskey instance 🤔

Mk so does anyone here know if you can like, build a nodejs program on another computer and import it to a server? bc my server cannot handle building all these node packages lol.
Graphyt + ECRAZE is already a top tier mix, add some Virus Syndicate into the mix and you've got a recipe for a banger

RGL Invite 6s Update:
Witness took down G6 5-1 for the first game on process. If Witness can take them down again here on Bagel (which may be tough) they have another shot at taking on froyotech in the finals.

For context, Blam is my AUR package database and update checker. Tl;Dr it helps you keep track of what you've installed from the AUR and what needs updating.

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Blam *kind of* functions now. It is way more complex than pow ever was. Still can't think of a good workaround for git packages, but beyond that it works.

The fediverse is the only "free speech" social media that I've tried that's truly "free speech". That's the issue with things like Gab and Parler, they market themselves as "Free Speech" but they'll ban you if you say anything that isn't critical of The Left:tm: and don't generally assimilate to the political affiliations of the normies who use them, whereas Fedi, I've never seen a more diverse place of discussion.

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