Tons of lefties are fleeing Twitter now that musk is buying it, and can’t handle the load.

@dave @splitshockvirus i'm aware about the entire ordeal going on with Twitter but the redirect made me laugh

@splitshockvirus That's a W honestly already has too many users im glad they aren't taking in anymore


I mean sure, but the instances in the list are also hand picked by mastodon conglomerate. They aren't listed like which is free for any admin to sign up for.


An African-American bought that bird app thing, and then all the cracker ass white people went to Eugen's server, or something like that.

He said he fixed the performance issues from all the sign-ups it looks like he just took it down lol


I was looking at that site and all the instances it promotes would only appeal to left-leaning, censorship happy kinda of people. Almost like a FOSS extension of Twitter, and twitter freaks would feel at home on 99% of those instances. I'm beginning to understand what you meant by the political nature of Mastodon and it's devs. Pleroma + federation is the true social media frontier. Even if there are some outliers that I personally hate (pedos and racists), the rest is cool.


It's doesn't really matter what software stack you use, the fediverse looks the same to all of use, I just see a trend with Mastodon instances to defederate and become very twitter like in the community atmosphere with 1 millions rules and wrongthink, power hungry mods like reddit, and hypersensitive personalities.


Now you see what the Oriental man with the East Asian cartoon profile picture was trying to achieve.

The true third postion would be to use Misskey, because why wouldn't you want to live inside a javascript web based operating system.

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