Made a temporary workstation for lab testing. Building up network isolation.

Maybe next week I'll have it completely bulletproof and ready for deployment.

Bros I'm mad, like big mad.

First I think I just discovered that my switch does not have any NVRAM, at least that's my best guess. Because when I powered it down it does not appear to have saved any of the settings and it looks like it went back to factory default. It might have been using a CMOS battery to retain settings, and if so it's dead. Which is a really dumb way to make a network switch.

While I was troubleshooting that and cleaning my house, I burnt my ribs and these shits taste like boot leather. It's so fucking over, I will never recover from this.

'st-256color': unknown terminal type.
uname -a | awk {'print $3'}
cat /etc/*release | head -n1
CentOS release 6.10 (Final)

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