Alright so I think I've seen enough to make a decision. We are not taking

:pleroma:​ 1st
:akko_fingerguns:​ 2nd or
:soapbox:​ 3rd position

we're taking 4th :misskey:
which is what I think akkoma devs are trying to create anyway, which good on them for actually adding features.

Not saying I'm not going to host pleroma-akkoma in the future I'm just going to let its code marinate for a while (six months) and see where it's at then.

Once Misskey is up Peertube is next.

And then when I make a pleroma instance, which is going to be on a different server anyway, I can just give you guys the the IP address.

The instance won't be federated because we will have a self signed cert which will likely be rejected by all other instances. So I'll probably put a firewall rule in place to prevent that.

We can see how far you can get while being banned by ICANN and CAs.

So stay tuned for updates

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So I'm still waiting for the domain transfer. Transfers usually take 3-5 days so it honestly could transfer over the weekend up until Monday.

I want to do the VM resize, which could potentially bring the instance down for more than a day if I don't do it right.

I'm thinking starting after 12pm EST UTC-4, 1600 UTC

Options are either start maintenance now or start it after the transfer

Got an idea in the works for the VPS. Is slightly dangerous so I'll be testing it on another VM before executing it tonight during a maintenance window of 11pm. EST to whenever I'm done. Once complete I start working on other services.

Planning cloud infrastucture

VPS Providers: ✅
Object Storage Providers: ✅
CDN Network: TBD

If all this works out I basically won't have to worry about the cost of hosting




I have finally gotten around to drafting and publishing our Privacy Policy and fixed some grammarical errors in the terms. You can view them here:

Additionally we do have a codeberg where you can submit your issues or requests for the mastodon administration linked here:

Be sure to check the mastodon git repo prior to see if something is a known issue:

Thank you

I have sent a message to DT in regards to a potential server transfer.

I want to see if I can fix that way you guys can potentially migrate your accounts, which will move your followers over to here.

It may not be possible and DT may not be willing to trust some rando on the internet (understandable)

At worst I won't be able to fix it no harm done, we just start fresh here

However I think you guys should ask DT really nicely to since it's worth a shot. Thank you


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