I have never banned someone from except those three Vietnamese accounts on the misskey instance they look pretty sus :amongustwerk:


Okay so you should now be able to edit posts from the Web UI as opposed to delete and redraft for

This will work for vanilla and glitch flavors, clicking on the time will also show you the post's history

If it breaks stuff I'll revert it but it should be merged into main soon™

A maintained fork of glitch-soc means a few things.

I can make more modifications to visual aspects of the website that gargron and/or glitch-soc would likely not add to main.

The downside is that we would then need to maintain consistency with main as to not be too far behind on commits, this I believe is where CI/CD comes into play as we can automate the merges to see if there is conflicts of code. But keep in mind that it only adds to the overhead that I currently am trying to keep up with.

Utilizing stock glitch-soc would mean reverting back changes and/or keeping the modifications we do have to a minimum (I don't have a problem with longer post lengths). But any exotic modifications like visual aspects to mastodon frontend would need to be kept to a minimum.

Lastly I'm not a developer so a lot of this infrastructure is new to me, particularly git projects, js, ruby etc. Would be fun to learn but realistically there is only so much time in a day given my day job.

Making a Patreon, giving me money, or sending crypto won't change my outlook on that, unless I was unemployed, and even then it would imply that I am able to maintain quality/security in the projects I am administering which is not something I am confident I can do.

Maintain a seperate fork of glitch-soc for or no?

Git repo would be open for issue reports and code commits etc, but I would need help setting it up.

And then when I make a pleroma instance, which is going to be on a different server anyway, I can just give you guys the the IP address.

The instance won't be federated because we will have a self signed cert which will likely be rejected by all other instances. So I'll probably put a firewall rule in place to prevent that.

We can see how far you can get while being banned by ICANN and CAs.

So stay tuned for updates

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Gargron having trouble scaling his instance to accept all the even lower character count refugees.

Meanwhile I have been waiting an entire week for a domain transfer so I can start doing literally anything with

So I'm still waiting for the domain transfer. Transfers usually take 3-5 days so it honestly could transfer over the weekend up until Monday.

I want to do the VM resize, which could potentially bring the instance down for more than a day if I don't do it right.

I'm thinking starting after 12pm EST UTC-4, 1600 UTC

Options are either start maintenance now or start it after the transfer

Got an idea in the works for the VPS. Is slightly dangerous so I'll be testing it on another VM before executing it tonight during a maintenance window of 11pm. EST to whenever I'm done. Once complete I start working on other services.

So anyways if you want to join the l4d2 servers. I have two of them setup poorly.

They will pay vanilla fine and will allow client side mods, they /might/ allow you to play add-on campaigns but I've had about %50 success at getting that to work. I'll set them up proper soon™ (don't count on it)

danksquad.org:27015 ## server 1
danksquad.org:27016 ## server 2

Add them to your steam server browser

If both end up full lmk and I can spin up more during the weekends.

Just so everyone is aware I will not be putting any major updates to aside from regular backups and maintenance until mid April, you can still submit request to the codeberg for review.

But until we change registrars I will not be creating any new instances or services.

Thank you friend.

Well fellas I'm happy to announce that after about a month of operation, not only do we have an extremely high user retention rate, we have an impossibly high user retention rate.

Proving Mr. Oswald correct
All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. :cirno_heh:

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