Made a decent looking volume indicator with dunst
I literally did not know until a few minutes ago that dunst even had support for progress bars

(I still have not set up my icon fonts correctly since I installed arch yesterday, that is why the icons are so small in my bar)

@iska I basically just integrated it into the volume control script I've been using since I switched to i3 when I was pretty new to linux, but the relevant part is here:

@adam That all looks really good. Awesome color scheme with that background.

@jarmer Thanks! It was not easy to get the theme to look as I wanted, it involved a lot of creating patches for dwm and dmenu, and some shell scripting as well. I am using the catppuccin color scheme, but I made a simple menu to change the theme of dwm, dmenu, alacritty and neovim without having to restart the window manager. The background is from the catppuccin github as well.

@adam what DE are you in? And ooooOOOOO they have a theme for obisidian which I use constantly! Applying it now

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