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@ceruds @mathstew92

>Spending time with friends irl
Based af

That pic goes so fucking hard, y'all don't understand

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I'd rather rewatch gurren than watch capeshit.

But I don't want to watch either, so I'll just go to bed.

God didn't design us to carry burning hatred.

Looking in the Gospels, I do not see Jesus even lecture about and condemn the miss deeds of the Romans or the various pagan worshipers around him. Jesus' reproval was for the Church leaders, though they knew the scriptures and practiced the traditions, they didn't know the Father, and they rejected Jesus.

I think it is easy to condemn all who fall short of scriptures and traditions, but this is how the Pharisees lived. They didn't realize that they too fell short of scripture, and their traditions made void the word of God in their own lives.

Again and again we are told how to live, 'be care filled for nothing, do not be troubled, keep in your mouth full of the goodness of your God'. Truly this is how Jesus lived on the Earth and we should follow His example.
@p America might be insane but Europe is embarrassing

:virgin: European disarmed by government.
:chad: American that does not recognize the legitimacy of any government that has disarmed its citizens.

We should get a president that thinks like an American. Just stop recognizing the legitimacy of most of Europe's governments. Declare them all failed states.
It's night time so the Euros on fedi are all "Why can't we make Americans lick more boots?"

It's adorable: your countries suck, but you know how to "fix" the Chadlands? Sure thing, little buddy.
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