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Tiling Window Managers

I post writing on my own blog and on the . I post videos primarily on a server and sometimes on . I no longer post video to .

If you have similar interests, consider following me. It'd be great to connect with you!

[[[Disclaimer: hot take, probably erroneously taking opinions as fact. I'll be cooled off enough to hear contrary opinions by the time anyone replies, if they feel like replying. 🖖🏼]]]

Welp, this is pretty much what I intuited all along.

#systemd was all about #redhat pushing their agenda all along.

The fact that @debian adopted this steaming pile of code manure is pretty indicative of some really underhanded shenanigans.

Trying to get some kind of practical usage out of an old ASRock>ION 330 "nettop" PC I have lying around.

Specs are Intel Dual Core Atom 330 at 1.6GHz, NVIDIA ION GPU and 4 gigs of RAM.

Conclusion is that no matter what I install on it, from #!++ to Haiku, ... it's fine, until you launch a web browser and then it's completely unusable.

Using these and simpler machines would be completely viable if only information could be accessed in, or interactions had in, more lightweight forms rather than being confined to bloated web representations. Like ̶g̶o̶p̶h̶e̶r̶ Gemini, nntp, irc - or even just plain old HTML with focus on content rather than visual design.

How can it *not* be possible to get a usable experience out of 1.6GHz and 4GB RAM? It boggles the mind.


conservatives call me a leftist, and antifa.
pop culture leftists call me conservative and far right.
This tells you all you need to know about the pop culture political extremism people seem so keen on finding their identity in these days. if you don’t agree with everything they say, you are an extreme opposite by default, because they see the world in such extreme simplistic terms they can’t see outside binary choices.

All right, #NetBSD 9.3 is now installed on the old AMD laptop.

And everything works! 🎉

Except the wifi. 😩

another reason to love peertube…
when the download options are 720, 240, and audio,
you can open the audio url in vlc on a mobile
device and direct stream using little data.
16 3.2 volt 180 amp hour lithium iron phosphate batteries lined up in series, create a 8.5 kilowatt hour storage battery operating at 48 volts. 48 volts is high enough to travel through common sized wires over distances you would find on a small homestead, but not high enough to injure humans or animals.
with where technology is right now, it makes more sense to invest in localized energy storage and production.
But even if the grid remained, local storage helps stabilize the grid. To charge the above system every 24 hours, all that is required is a steady stream of 360 watts. a grid that had no spike demands placed on it, but was used as a trickle charging system would be much easier to maintain.
The real problem with energy consumption is in how appliances are designed. they say “energy efficient” but they are not. they are all designed on a 1950s industrial electrical grid paradigm. The standing fridge alone is one of the worst designed objects used today in terms of energy efficiency. Every time you open a standing fridge, all of the cold air flows out on to the ground because cold air is heavier than hot air. A horizontal fridge keeps all cold air inside when it is opened greatly reducing energy demand.
The average water heater is a chamber with just 1 inch of insulation. it needs to be continuously heated. This is ridiculous. a chamber of vacuum pipes would keep water hot for days if not weeks.
The average house has no water storage. the water source is in the ground and power must be used every time water is used. this is a stupid design. a cistern on the roof or on a tower which is trickle filled throughout the day with a small pump, would provide gravity pressure, eliminating the need for large electric pumps, and high pressure pipes.
Right now everyone is arguing about where the energy comes from but no one is talking about how it’s used. To me this means either everyone is stupid(which is entirely possible) or the arguments themselves are not actually about solving anything, but are about political and financial interests… i.e who gets to control it.
Decentralize EVERYTHING.

Weirdly enough, after a `pkg upgrade` #FreeBSD can't play #gzdoom anymore. gzdoom complains about requiring SDL2.0.6 but the FreeBSD pkg itself requires the current 2.0 version that is available with it.

Could this be a time to compile from source instead?

The black bean.
put it in a dark place with moisture, it will sprout.
put the sprout in the ground and water it every couple days, in 90 days it will produce 100 times itself.
leave them on the bush for an extra 2 weeks, they will dry and come off the plant fully shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration to be stored for years.

I'm in need of a new #headset. I currently have a Logitech G533, which has served me well, but we had a couple of accidents, and the microphone is no longer operational.

I'm looking for something similar. Over-ear, comfortably large and easily cleanable ear pads, not bluetooth but wireless with USB receiver. Preferably at an affordable price, available outside of Amazon & co.

Would anyone I know be able to recommend something similar?

Boosts appreciated.

In order to play CD/DVDs in FreeBSD you have to use the following command as root/su

# chgrp glitch "/dev/cd0" && chmod 770 "/dev/cd0"

This was not in the handbook, I had to dig up a mailing list archive from ancient times.

Having a hard time explaining to people that we are on the verge of a time of incredible opportunity for those in community who have strength and self discipline, and also on the verge of systems we are very used to collapsing all over the place.

ThinkPad UEFI firmware patches collection

Remove wifi or wwan whitelist? Unlock advanved menu and overclocking? All patches are here!
(I'm not sure if *50 series display whitelist patch is here, but anyway)

It's not Coreboot related. It patches stock ThinkPad Firmware (aka #Lenovo BIOS or PhoenixBIOS)

#thinkpad #firmware #uefi

Apple loyalist: Here's my 3-hour podcast gushing over the fact I just bought a brand new $1,200 M2 MacBook Air--to replace the M1 Mac I bought a year ago--because it never makes any fan noise.

Me: Happily typing on a 8-year-old $150 refurbished Dell laptop with the fans whirring constantly.

That's the sound of freedom, my friends.

Google, Microsoft can get your passwords via web browser's spellcheck.

Extended spellcheck features in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers transmit form data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and in some cases, passwords, to Google and Microsoft respectively.

Today, I sold a refurbished Dell Optiplex 990 with Intel i3, 2nd gen processor to a machine shop to run a fabricating tool. Pulled the i7 that was in it originally out, as he didn't need that.

I wanted the machine to have a standard 24 pin ATX power supply and the Optiplex 990 had that while a ThinkCentre and several HP machines that I had on hand didn't.

The machine shop is a dusty place and I want it to be as easy as possible for the owner to swap out the power supply should it fail in the future.

Process change.

I've been using a wiki topic page to manage my tasks for almost a year. It has helped me get so much done, but it has limitations.

Today, I migrated my Task List from the wiki to .

I'll be using the 'issues' functionality to manage my tasks. It has extra features like due dates, labels, search and sorting that should take my Task List to the next level.

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