trust the doubt
arrangement: Syrufit
lyrics: 隣人(Linjin)
vocals: itori
circle: CYTOKINE
album: 1⑨

arrangement: 隣人(Linjin)
lyrics: 隣人(Linjin)
vocals: 坂上なち(nachi)
circle: ZYTOKINE
album: 50/50

doujin: Alstroemeria Records
arrangement: 簑島正佳(Masayoshi Minoshima)
lyrics: Haruka
vocals: mican*
album: of memories


「Who loves your world」
Circle 【DiGiTAL WiNG】
Album 「デジウィ MiRACLE」
Vocal 花たん
Arranger/Lyrics 隣人

gn fedi, I probably will be called in 2 hours to address something that could have been automated 4 years ago. :cirno_shrug:


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