Dear hurricane Ian,

Florida is full. Please don't come here.


Got a big box of Florida fresh veggies for $10 at a local farm.


I might have an addiction but at $5 per chicken I'll suffer the poultry wing at Betty Ford.

Chimken gud.

Was going for a latte but ended up with a super foamy cappuccino.

Now I'm literally foaming at the mouth.

Swapped to LineageOS with microG on my secondary device.

I'm really surprised... Other than casting everything I need runs without issue. If this keeps up I'll probably switch my primary over to something like CalyxOS or GrapheneOS.

Nothing like a cabbage stir fry to end the day.

Cabbage, mushrooms, green onion, chicken, soy sauce, and mirin. Served with a side of steamed jasmine rice.

Whoops. I usually drink half-caf coffee but today I had the real McCoy.

Incidentally my entire day's work is finished before noon and I'm pretty sure I can taste sunlight, now.

My tech illiterate friend came over to watch a TV series and asked me what app (read streaming service) it was on. I explained that I own the media and host it myself with .

She spent more time asking questions about it, and eventually other , than watching TV.

Some days I miss old school MMOs... Gimme some MapleStory from 2005-2008 and an energy drink. :monster:

I have a laptop that defies firmware updates within anything but Windoze. Not supported bv LVFS, the firmware doesn't include capsule files so I cant manually flash it with fwupd, and I refuse to dual-boot.

Booted Hirens, ran .exe, and firmware updated without issue. Stallman would rage but me no like scary CVEs.

It's finally time...

Thanks to for (mostly) DRM free games. Works perfect out of the box with .

Let's get it.

I just realized my anime folder is just over 2 TB. I have more anime than friends. :cirno_for_reals:

Was desperate for a coffee and the only place around was fast food. Pretty sure they gave me mop water.

I regret my life choices... :kms:

Florida drivers should be enough to scare away anyone thinking of moving here...

Please no more, we're full. :florida:

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