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At the time that you see this post how many browser tabs do you have open?

Now on Void to the htpc, let's see if it'll work.

Wow libreelec wont either. maybe x265 was a mistake?

Next experiment, ArchLinux which people in the htpc community seem to like using as well.
If all else fails we just go back to bashing our head against libreelec.

Or just give up and use Ubuntu

Got it. Too bad it seems that there's a few missing codecs in Nix. Which causes kodi to not identify half my media collection. I wish more distros packaged x265.

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NixOS on the htpc is great and all, but I can't get it to mount the NFS share.

I've used triple monitors now for a few months.

Honestly I miss my ultrawide enough to eyeball the market now to see their cheaper and every bit better.

Now I want again.

Watching this guy play really makes me regret never taking the piano seriously.

Yeah, installed slackware, forgot how much I like nice things.

Ok, still working my next distro

Ok, so non systemd distros

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Well, back to something that works... I guess.

What distro next?

Well, back to something that works... I guess.

What distro next?

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