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At the time that you see this post how many browser tabs do you have open?

Best Web Browser?

So, I'm actually quite liking borg for my use case.

I'm thinking of going offline for a few weeks to see how that would work out.

Well this is intertesting, need to figure out a work around for this one.

You know what, no Not NixOS. We're gonna give rhel another shot and see if we can figure out why I couldn't mount my steam drives.

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Starnix has existed for some time now. And we haven't had near as much time as DistroToot.
@splitshockvirus is doing some good work here.

I think we're gonna experiment with Void Linux again.

Ok so this gentoo install isn't working out guys. I guess I'll use a normie distro afterall.

For some reason I can't launch any windows this time with applications complaining about both gtk and qt, both of which are installed. Really not sure whats going on here, but I'm just done here.

So messing around with new backup solutions, we're investigating borg backup first

Well car back together but my lean system issue is still persisting as now it's running maxed out on the short term fuel trim.
wide band reads consistent 5v read o2 sensor holding steady 0v I think now have ourselves a sensor problem now.

Working on the car today. Forgot how much of a mess it is.

0.o the wifi chip on my laptop is as dead :( I admit I've beaten up this laptop quite a bit, it's lasted me two years now.

Fuck it, we're going back to Gentoo. This is the way.

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